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1.  Does Tecumseh have any full Time firefighters?

A.  Yes, we have one full time firefighter on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  The Chief Works Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.


2.  How do I become a member of the Tecumseh Fire Department?

A.  To become a member you must reside within our fire district (City of Tecumseh and Tecumseh Township).  Residents of Tecumseh township will be considered on a case-by-case basis dependent on location in the Township.  Application forms are available on the website and should be completed in full and turned into the department.


3.  Can I burn in the City?

A.  Open burning is not allowed within the City limits.  A camp fire is permitted so long as it is contained and only seasoned firewood is used.  No permit is required for a campfire


4. Is a burn permit required in Tecumseh Township?

A.  A burn permit is required in Tecumseh Township for all open burning.  Permits can be obtained by calling the Tecumseh Fire Department between the hours of 7 am and 7  pm, any day of the week.


5. What type of material can I burn?

A.  Only rapidly combustible brush can be burned. The Township can burn leaves and/or grass.  Construction or demolition materials cannot be burned at anytime. 


6. How do I obtain a burn permit?

A.  Permits can be obtained by coming in person to the station or calling the department at 423-4545.


7.  How do I arrange for a tour of the fire station? 

A.  To arrange a tour simply call the department and speak to the on duty firefighter.  Please give at least 48 hours notice.      


8.  Why are the fire trucks yellow and not red?

A.  The transformation to yellow trucks started in 1974.  The thought at the time was that yellow could be seen better than red, especially at night.  While may departments have switched back from yellow or lime, we made the decision to stay with our chrome yellow.


9.  Why does the fire department conduct fundraising events even though you receive taxpayer monies?

A.  Our department conducts fundraising events to help offset some of the costs associated with fire prevention materials we provide to school children.  In addition, we fundraise to assist the City with funds for new fire trucks.  The cost of the fire trucks has skyrocketed over the years.  In 1980, the department purchased a new pumper for $82,000.  The new pumper we just received cost around $450,000.  With the reduction in State revenue Sharing, the city does not have the resources to place large sums of money in reserves for these types of purchases.

B.  The Tecumseh Firefighters Association and Tecumseh Firefighters Foundation also conduct fundraising efforts to benefit the fire department.  The most recent and ongoing fundraising even is for the Fire Training Center.  The cost of the center's phase one project totaled $64,000, all raised by the Firefighters Foundation.


10.  Do you utilize companies to solicit donations by phone?

A.  No, we do not use any companies to solicit donations for the fire department.


11.  Do you fill Swimming pools?

A.  No, we do not fill swimming pools


12.  Can I use a fire hydrant in the City of Tecumseh to fill my swimming pool?

A.  Yes, citizens must contact the City of Tecumseh Public Utilities Department (Water Department) to arrange for the use of a fire hydrant to fill pools.

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