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  Before you make a decision to join a fire department you should have a very good understanding of the requirements and responsibility that come along with that commitment.

First off you need to understand that this is not a social club. We take our responsibility to the community very seriously. We are allowed to enter into people's lives in a way that most people never do. We see people at their most vulnerable times. And we are entrusted by the citizens to carry out our duties to the highest level of honesty, integrity and responsibility.

All members of the department must complete all State of Michigan required training.


 Firefighter level I & II Approximately 180-200 Hours
 Haz-Mat Awareness 8 Hours
 Haz-Mat Operations 24 Hours
 Drivers Training 9 Hours
 NIMS Training 16 Hours

Additional training required by the Fire Department includes, medical training ranging in 100 to 250 hours depending on the level.

Our department also conducts in-house training twice a month for 2-3 hours each time. Members are required to maintain a minimum of 60% attendance for all in house training's.

The department currently responds to an average of 84 calls per month. Each member of the paid on-cll staff must work a minimum of two overnights shifts per month.

In addition to the training's and calls, each member of the department is responsible for assisting with various committees within the Firefighters Association. And as such you will need to attend meetings and some special functions.

The department pays it's members for all calls, in-house training sessions and some work details (i.e. hose testing). members are not paid for attending State required training. However, the City does pay for all training expenses for the State required training. It's all part of the commitment.

This is just some of the commitments required to becoming a member of the fire department.

Requirements for joining the Tecumseh Fire Department


The requirements for submitting an application for membership within the Tecumseh Fire Department are as follows:

  • Reside within the Fire District for the department. (City of Tecumseh or Tecumseh Township)
  • Completed Department Application for Employment
  • 18 years old or older
  • High School Diploma (or Equivalent)
  • Valid Michigan Drivers License
  • Ability to respond to called from either your home or place of employment within the City of Tecumseh.
  • Ability to attend a minimum of 60% of station training per year
  • Willingness to submit to a background and driving record check
  • Ability to participate and pass a basic physical agility test.
  • Must pass a physical exam and drug screen test 


 Positions Available

Public Education/Community Relations Educators
Pre-planning Assistants


If you think you are a good candidate and are willing to commit to the above requirements, just click on the link below and get an applications.  Fill it out and drop it off at the Station when completed.

Tecumseh Fire Department Application



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